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Atelier de Campagne

french home and garden antiques

L U S T   F O R   R U S T 

Once you’ve decided on your purchase call one of these numbers to process payment.

(831) 818-9685 or (831) 400-8036 

 When you connect tell us the number of the item

 you’re buying and it’s description.

 Have your credit card ready.
 We only use Square and do not use PayPal or Venmo.
 During the virtual event, we send receipts via text.
Arrange with us if you’d like to pick up your merchandise at our place.
 When you do, you’ll be entitled to a 10% discount
 on other merchandise that we have in stock
After payment is processed, 
make sure you send us a text message, 
with your full name, your address and the numbers of the items you purchased,
 i.e. Trino Castro, 15 Mountain View Rd. Corralitos CA 95076. Items 3,5, and 17.

Shipping costs will be added and charged a few days later
 after we have an estimate. 
You may also arrange for delivery for a fee. 

Some items may be shipped via UPS, USPS
 or white-glove service depending on the weight and size.

Enjoy this virtual event and thank you for your purchases.
Trinidad & Johan